Fishing report

11 – 18 jun 2022

No. Of fish landed 26
Fish over 20 lb 1
Fish over 90 cm 1
Number of rods 10
Avg. temperature, °C 9.7
Avg. rainfall, mm 2.1

Nine months have passed since the camp was closed for the winter. Throughout the winter, the river was under protection, internal work was carried out in the camp to improve the technical base of the camp. The staff hasn't changed much. Stanislav Vyazankin, an experienced, professional guide, was invited as the senior guide of the camp. On May 29, the camp team in full force flew to the river and was looking forward to the first group of the 2022 season.

The first group of the summer part of the season included experienced anglers who visited Lumbovka several times in 2021, saw many rivers of the Kola Peninsula, and where without newcomers. Sharip, who came with experienced fly-fishing friends for his first fishing trip, took only a few lessons before the trip. The whole group was full of hope and was in anticipation, although everyone understood that spring was very late and fishing would definitely not be easy. Logistics to distant pools and the mouth was carried out with the help of all-terrain vehicles, and the fishermen studied the first and second bits on foot.


Arriving at the camp on May 29 to prepare for the season, Lumbovka was unrecognizable. The familiar, benevolent, not very large river turned into a ferocious monster with a strong current, a significantly increased channel and a water level above the norm by at least 1.5 meters.

In the winter of 2022, the snow cover in the tundra was incredibly large, which called into question fishing at the beginning of the season. The water temperature reached +1, the air temperature ranged from +2 (felt up to -2) to +8. Literally a few days before the arrival of the group, the water began to fall at a very high rate, and by 11.06 it was within the acceptable range.


The weather was warm enough for the first half of the week, which allowed the water to drop to the ordinary level exactly with the mark on the rock at the Home pool. Like a year ago, the first salmon of the season for 15 pounds (6.8 kg) was caught by an 11-year-old young fly fisherman, but this time it was David Dzhanlatyan.

On the first day of fishing, 7 salmon were caught, among which there were 3 fresh, silvery beauties of at least 15 pounds, the day was successful for the catch. In the next few days the weather was warm, the water was leaving, on average the group caught 4 - 6 salmon per day. The leaders in the number of salmon caught were Alexander Pashigorov and Vyacheslav Brykov.

In the second half of the week, the weather became much cooler, and there was more water in the river again. Fished mainly with intermediate heads and sinking tips from sink3 - sink6 using large spring flies ranging in size from 7 to 14 cm such as Willy Gunn, Snaelda, Banana fly, Cascade, Frances, Ally's shrimp and large flies with a Scandinavian wing from yellow to brown shades.

On the penultimate day of fishing, a beginner Sharip caught his first salmon 79cm!!! Congratulations!!!

The day before the departure, Semenov Stas, under the strict guidance of an experienced guide - instructor Vladimir Yermolin, fulfilled his cherished dream and caught a trophy salmon, the largest fish of the week, weighing 23 pounds, 98 cm long at the BBQ pool (Willie Gunn fly).

After spending a week on the river in difficult weather conditions, we can say with confidence that the fishing was successful!!!

Stay tuned.

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