Fishing report

18 – 25 jun 2022

Fish over 20 lb 3
Fish over 90 cm 11
Number of rods 9
Avg. temperature, °C 8.1
Avg. rainfall, mm 1

While the group that has finished fishing is getting ready to fly away, and the newly arrived group with burning eyes is asking their “fly-fishing colleagues” about the past fishing, the river is resting and preparing to offer an exciting, challenging week-long trip.

The group consisted of 9 rods. Of course, there were no newbies. Three fishermen came for the first time on their fly fishing trip. Guide-instructor Deryagin Dmitry regularly teaches beginners fly fishing on Lumbovka, thereby falling in love with this elegant type of fishing. Logistics along the river was carried out using an all-terrain vehicle and walking routes.


Gradually, Lumbovka returned to its usual course, although the water level was still at a high level. There was still quite a lot of snow in the tundra. Konstantin Gul managed to capture bear cubs rolling in the snow from a hill. The water temperature rose from +6 to +10 degrees, and by the end of the week it warmed up to +12.


The weather this week favored successful fishing. On the first day, while the beginners were learning the casting technique and gaining practical and theoretical knowledge about fly fishing, Arkady Parshin, Igor Nedogibchenko and Aleksey Buzhbetsky decided not to put off catching trophy salmon. 3 large salmon over 90 cm were caught, two of which were over 20 lb.

The next day was even more busy with the catch. And the newcomers got involved. Bykov Alexander and Vorotnikov Alexey caught their first salmon. Nedogibchenko Igor took salmon at 90 cm, and Alexander Kudinov managed to “park” the salmon at 24 lb. It was the biggest fish this week. During the second day of fishing we managed to catch 15 salmon. Excellent result.

In the following days, the pace of fishing continued. Aleksey Rasskazov got involved in the work, and his brother Vladimir, having picked up a fly rod for the first time, nevertheless managed to catch a fine example at 90 cm. The most successful flies were: Cascade, Snealda, Ally's Tube, Banana. The average fish size was over 83cm. All members of the group contributed to the record catch. Yes, it was a record week in the short history of the Kola-Reserve camp on the Lumbovka River.

Stay tuned.

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