Fishing report

01 – 08 oct 2022

No. Of fish landed 18
Fish over 90 cm 2
Avg. temperature, °C 5.4
Avg. rainfall, mm 0.3

The previous two weeks of autumn did not indulge us with big catches, so
We pinned our hopes on catching fresh salmon well in the last week of the 2022 season.
The group consisted of 7 people who for two years in summer and autumn
come to the Kola-reserve Lumbovka Camp with almost the same composition. Our
friends from St. Petersburg who call themselves “THE HATEFUL 8”


The weather was stable, the water temperature dropped to +4 degrees. Salmon spawning continued, but still a little more spawned salmon began to come across.
Since the group is coming to the camp for the fourth time, they are well oriented on the river and have good experience in fly fishing, all these factors helped quite well go fishing.

This week was a benefit performance of Vladimir Vasiliev, who was only one day without a caught salmon, and Alexei Kogut. On the first day of fishing, Vladimir caught the longest fish of the week on Pool 7 Lake with the Snaelda fly. This week the top working flies were Snaelda and Cascade, although Phatakharva, Ally's shrimp and WillieGunn weren't left.

Vladimir Vasiliev, 97 cm, 22,5 lbs, Snaelda fly, Pool 7 Lake

The next few days, the fishermen caught fish from 77 to 86 cm in length, but it is important that there were more fresh salmon than in previous weeks.

Alexey Kogut

Vladimir Vasiliev

Vyacheslav Solopov caught the heaviest fish of the week. It was a “working” fish, which was noticed and set a specific goal to catch it, and it worked out. An excellent specimen.

Vyacheslav Solopov, 96см, 23 lbs, Snaelda fly, Pool 9

On the last day of fishing, the fishermen decided to have a joint lunch on the river. The guide team made up a fishing plan for the day in such a way that all 4 groups met on the second bit.

In general, fishing turned out to be hard work, but we managed to catch fresh fish. The group left in a great mood and with the desire to return again in the 2023 season… See you soon!!

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