Fishing report

24 sept – 01 oct 2022

No. Of fish landed 11
Fish over 20 lb 1
Fish over 90 cm 2
Number of rods 10
Avg. temperature, °C 2.5
Avg. rainfall, mm 0.2

The second week of the autumn part of the season. helicopter program. This time the group consisted of 10 rods, all fishermen with serious experience in fly fishing, and eight out of ten people were on the river more than once, and some fishermen three or more times.
With the arrival of the group, we expected a change in the weather and a rise in the water level in the river, as the forecast was favorable for fishing. Heavy rainfall was expected, and we predicted more active entry of fresh salmon into the river. But the situation was not so optimistic. The water temperature continued to drop to 5 degrees, there was little precipitation. All summer fish went to spawn, and new fish entered the river in small groups.


On the first day of fishing, two salmon were caught, one of which was caught by Alena Molodtsova. Labor beginning of fishing.

Alena Molodtsova

On the second day Vyacheslav Brykov caught one of the biggest fish of the season, a powerful 26 lbs male.

Vyacheslav Brykov, 106см, 26 lbs, Phatakhorva fly, Pool 9

Since the program was helicopter, on the third day of fishing, it was decided to fly to the river. Kachkovka. Hopes justified themselves. Yuri Zhukov caught two fresh salmon at Ally's shrimp and Cascade. Gleb Zhukov and Vyacheslav Brykov parked one salmon each.

Yuri Zhukov, 87 cm, Ally's shrimp fly, Pool 11, Kachkovka river

Gleb Zhukov, 66cm, Ally’s shrimp, Pool 11, Kachkovka river

Meanwhile, at Lumbovka, the catches were modest. Not a lot of fresh fish came in this week. By the end of the fishing week, several more salmon were caught on Kachkovka and Lumbovka. The minimum amount of fresh fish in Lumbovka left us hope for the last autumn week and our hopes were justified ...

Stay tuned.

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If you have any questions please contact Anna via or phone: +7 (495) 024-50-10