Fishing report

17 – 24 sept 2022

No. Of fish landed 11
Fish over 20 lb 2
Fish over 90 cm 2
Number of rods 5
Avg. temperature, °C 7.7
Avg. rainfall, mm 1

Two months have passed since the departure of the last summer group. The staff arrived
for the technical week 10.09 to prepare the camp for the autumn part of the season. During break, our chefs managed to complete an internship in Tbilisi and Svaneti in order to diversify the food of fishermen and introduce Georgian cuisine into the menu for the day. Was purchased new off-road equipment for more convenient and faster movement along the river (running let's say in advance that due to weather conditions we could not deliver a new one in the fall transportation to the river). The guides checked and passed all sections of the river to control the situation. The camp was waiting for the first autumn group. The group was small, consisted of five people, of which there were two newcomers. Logistics to distant bits was carried out using all-terrain vehicles, neighbors - on foot.


Mid-September was quite rainy. Air temperature ranged from +6 to +13. The arrival of the group was marked by the beginning of spawning and autumn entry of fish into the river. The salmon that came back in the summer behaved actively on a par with just coming from the sea. On the first day of fishing, Alexey Vorotnikov, under a sensitive attitude
guide Mikhail, caught a big fish of Russia in the season 2022.

Alexey Vorotnikov, 106 cm, 27 lbs, Ally’s shrimp fly, Pool 6

On the second day of fishing, the famous fly fisherman Igor Tyapkin took a wonderful specimen. Igor and Aleksey were awarded silver badges of the Kola-reserve club for the caught fish weighing over 20 pounds.

Igor Tyapkin, 95см, 21 lbs, Yokanga gold fly, Pool 7

Still warm water fell little by little, but on the third day of fishing, after heavy rainfall, the water rose by half a meter in a day, which negatively affected the behavior of the fish, which became a test for both fishermen and guides. The water cooled down to +6 degrees and spawning began ...

Beginners in the world of fly fishing Kristina and Vasily spent the whole week learning all the delights of fly fishing with the senior guide Stanislav. The guys did not manage to catch salmon, but they managed to catch plenty of trout.

Vasily Nechiporenko caught his first fly-fishing…

Stay tuned.

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