Fishing report

02 – 09 jun 2023

Avg. temperature, °C 3.4
Avg. rainfall, mm 3.1


This year the Kola Peninsula has surprised us with an early spring. The team flew out for the “maintenance week” on 27.05. The task was quite difficult: to bring the camp out of “hibernation” and completely prepare it for the season in just six days. During the flight, it was unusual to see almost no snow in the tundra. It made us confident that such an early week (02.06 - 09.06) would be quite “catchich,” however we could not assume that it would also be a record-setting week both in terms of the number and size of the caught fish. Vyacheslav Rossov, an experienced instructor guide, joined the team. Our friends from St. Petersburg were the first group; for five of them it was the fifth time in 3 yearsto “storm” Lumbovka. Video blogger Sergey (Sergafan TV YouTube channel) from Novosibirsk joined the group. And of course, it could not do without newcomers, so there were three of them on board. All the newbies had an extensive prior experience in lure fishing with spinning rods, but it was the first time for them to go fly fishing. We are thankful and happy that people choose Kola Reserve for mastering their fly fishing skills!

Weather conditions:

The weather was extremely cold, windy and rainy throughout the week, but in fact, this was quite favorable for great fishing. 

Comparing Lumbovka on 31.05.22 (left) and 21.05.23 (right)

Weather report from the Lumbovka river, Davis Meteorological Station

Due to prolonged precipitation, there was more and more water in the river every day. The water rose well above the normal level, and this had a positive effect on fresh fish entering and distributing throughout the river.


As our tradition goes, upon the arrival at the camp we offered our guests a very neat and interesting combination of welcoming snacks and lunch. Some of the food products for our kitchen come from the Karmiliсa farm. Right after lunch, Stanislav Vyazankin, the Kola-reserve Lumbovka camp senior guide, held a welcoming briefing with the group. We proposed the fishing schedule and discussed the nuances of fishing tackle, the equipment and the safety rules. The first day of fishing began with fairly warm and sunny weather. Five groups split up and went out to four beats. One-meter silver salmon was “parked” immediately on the first day of fishing.

Vyacheslav, 102 cm, 27 lbs, Pool 11 - Laika, Snaelda fly

The first day was the richest in terms of the number of the caught fish (23), however the biggest trophies were still to come.

Gleb, 18 lb, 90 cm, Cosmo Pool, Ally’s shrimp

In the next few days the weather deteriorated; the air temperature sometimes dropped to 0, and it felt like -4. It started raining, which contributed to the rise of the water level, and that’s when the most interesting things began to happen. On the second and third day of fishing, fewer salmon were caught, but the average size of the fish was bigger. We caught 4 perfect fish weighing over 20 lbs, thus several participants got their well-deserved awards!

Artyom – 94 cm, 21 lb, Temple dog, Junction Pool

Kirill, 97 cm, 24 lb, Ally’s shrimp, Junction Pool

The fourth day of fishing revealed the Lumbovka’s capabilities. During one day, two huge fish weighing 30 lb and 33 lb were caught, as well as three salmon over 20lb. It was the best day of the week.

Andrey, the Lumbovka record holder, 111 cm, 33lb, Sofia Lower Pool, Black&Orange fly

Artyom, 30lb, 107 cm, Home Lower Pool, Ally’s shrimp fly

Actually, Artyom, is the first and only angler thus far to have collected all the Kola Reserve awards in three years.

Vladimir, 100 cm, 25 lb, Sofia Lower Pool, Cascade

All these most beautiful salmon were caught in one day!

The final two days were still quite rich. Alexander, a first time fly fisherman, was able to “park” a big salmon of 27 lb; Vladimir caught a very nice - almost perfect - salmon weighing 22 lb.

Alexander, 104 cm, 27,5lb, Sophia Lower Pool, Ally’s shrimp fly

Vladimir, 93 cm, 22 lb, 16 Jessica Pocket Pool, Cascade fly. This fish is a perfection!!!

It is worth to specifically note the success of the beginners. On the last day, our newbies each caught an excellent fish and, thus, were granted awards!

Sergey, 96 cm, 21 lb, 7 Lake Pool 7, Shrimp Green

Sergey, 90 cm, 18 lb, Karmen’s Pool 8, Ally’s shrimp

The week was a record-setting week in every way! We thank the river, the fish, and, of course, our old and new friends!






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