Fishing report

07 – 20 jun 2021

group size 6+2
fish count 57
biggest fish caught, lbs 23
Avg. temperature, °C 13.6
Avg. rainfall, mm 1.1
Image First commercial group stepping out of the helicopter to fish Kachkovka


The entire Kola Peninsula has struggled under the influence of an unusually warm spring season. With temperatures in the low 30°C, the Lumbovka and Kachkovka river were off to an unusually low-level season start tipping the watermarker at -25cm below normal spring-zero. During the first three days of the week, the hot streak evaporated the water level down to -35cm with temperatures between 15 to temporarily 20+ degrees. A critical threshold level for effective Salmon fishing. Luckily, the weather changed into our favor, with a temperature drop down to 10 degrees and cloudy. The odd rainshowers did not affect the waterlevels at all, but the it kept the water-temperatures at bay at between 12-15 degrees. A depression brought the much sought after rain for a couple of days, and with it, about 35cm of water on top. Within 10 days, we have experienced everything from blistering hot high noons to 6 degrees and hail storms.



As long as the water temperatures stay relatively low, fresh fish will be running. A vital piece of information, handed down by a former Kola-Camp Manager Gordon Simm and it has proven to be true. Despite the low water, fresh fish were rushing up the river in record speed. Longtail-sealiced fish in homepool and above will tell the tail of a quick journey. With dropping waterlevels, the fishing concentrates on the heads of the pools, fast runs as well as fast flowing pockets. On bright days, the fish will stack up in these starting blocks to run in the shelter of the night. Both Kachkovka and Lumbovka perfomed very well in the lower sections near the esturary. Every high tide flushed in more and more fish. Guard's House (Lumbovka) worked like a clock-work 40-60 minutes after each high tide. The honors of the first group to fish the Kola Reserve has a mixed group of anglers from Russia and Israel, absolute beginners but what they lacked in craftmanship with the fly rod, they certainly made up with entertainment. Among the colorful bunch, we have had the honor to introduce 3 kids to the sport of fly fishing. Naturals with the fly rod and ultimately rewarded with the finest reward a freshwater angler can seek for: An Atlantic Salmon on the fly. 



Best flies: HD Hitch, Bomber, Sunray Shadow, Size 14/12 Ally's Shrimp and Aurora Cascade Flies, Banana Tubes, Red Butts and Surfboards.

WhatsApp Image 2021-06-27 at 01.25.43.jpeg


Single handed and switch-rod fishing with small flies, hitch tubes or even classic bombers has been bang on for the low water part of this inaugural 10 day group. Agressive and active fishing has been the key to success on both the Kachkovka and Lumbovka river. Formerly unfishable pockets and pool sections that with currents too strong to be fished traditionally have proven to be hot spot throughout the weeks. Low water tactics require finesse and the use of a well balanced single handed outfit was highly recommended. When the water level shrinks our hot spots significantly, it's important to fish the hot zones diligently. Surface to riverbed. Starting with a hitch, moving on to small subsurface fly and ultimately a little bottle tube.

Best Regards,
Stephan Gian Dombaj

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