We have created a network of reliable and diverse partnerships across the fly-fishing industry and beyond. Over the coming years we hope to be reinforcing and expanding our reach and are open to suggestions.

The Fly Shop

The Fly Shop - our Americas exclusive sales agent and earliest partner of our company. The Fly Shop is the largest fly-fishing agent in the USA making it one of the most renown organisations in the industry.


Guideline  - our tackle partner, supporting us with innovative and reliable rods, lines, clothing and more. Guideline is a well-known producer of fishing tackle, originally from Norway yet utilised all over the world.


Patagonia – we proudly work with one of the largest outdoor ewar brands in the world, as Patagonia supplies our Team with wading and camp clothing to look stylish and feel practical.

Russian Salmon

Russian Salmon – Kola Reserve are proudly members of the Russian Salmon non-profit, which advocates and acts to protect the Wild Salmon population in the waters of Russian Federation.

Fly-Fishing Nation

Fly-Fishing Nation – is a long-standing partner for sales and media content production and distribution. We collaborate for the social media, photography and video projects to set new standards for the industry.

Sodis - one of the leading tourist agents in Russia and we are proud to work together with them. Since the opening of our lodge we work with Sodis on organising seamless trips for our guests.

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If you have any questions please contact Anna via or phone: +7 (495) 024-50-10