A few miles to the South-East of Lumbovka, the beguiling Kachkovka weaves across the tundra before slicing through a deep but accessible canyon. It then tumbles into a series of beautiful pools before cascading into the wild waters of the Barents Sea. The Kachkovka is smaller and wilder than the Lumbovka. As well as prolific numbers of handsome salmon in the summer months, it offers an additional and very special fishery

sea/fresh trout


Unlike Lumbovka, Kachkovka does not originate from a distinct system of lakes but is comprised of a system of smaller tributaries that – combined – form the main riv- er. The last big junction of such two smaller systems is just above camp, roughly 10 cm before the river drains into the White Sea. While the river has many similar attri- butes with Lumbovka, it is just as different. Right by the Camp, where the two main arms join, it is wide with an open landscape. Going downstream however, the set- ting changes dramatically and the Kachkovka runs into a deep and sharp v-shaped canyon, with steep slopes on either side.

The river gets pushed together by these tight banks and does not allow the river to braid in any form. The further one follows the river downstream towards the estuary, the more dramatic and steeper the canyon gets. Small creeks and springs, sometimes in the form of little waterfalls, feed the river. In case of rain, all the water gets directed into the same canyon quickly, forcing the river to rise in an instant. 

Despite the relatively small size of the Kachkovka, it appears to have an abundant run of Atlantic Salmon. Wading in a beautiful, boulder-studded pool at the bottom of the canyon, one of the exploratory anglers managed to prize six hard-fighting  autumn-run osenkas out of the Kachkovka in just ninety minutes fishing in late September, 2019. There are few rivers on the planet that can offer such hectic and exhilarating sport for Atlantic salmon.

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