Our history

Kola Reserve received its name to signify a hidden for many years destination on the Kola Peninsula, carefully guarded for decades, to provide a flourishing environment for the Atlantic Salmon. Our story makes for a beautiful location, great Team and unique experience of preserved salmon fishing.


A company is set up in Murmansk, to hold and protect from local poachers three rivers on the Kola Peninsula – Lumbovka, Kachkovka and Olenka. Years of unprecedented and thorough guarding from any level of poaching and commercial fishing have kept the Rivers hidden from the eyes of fly-fishermen.


Ownership of the company changes, to begin construction of a new camp to later reveal the Rivers to the Atlantic Salmon fly-fishing community, which has not seen new destinations on Kola for decades.


A successful summer and autumn scouting mission is launched in collaboration with The Fly Shop and Fly-Fishing Nation, to gain insights, statistics and rotation planning in preparation for the camp opening. Paulo Hoffman becomes 


Anna joins us as the CEO, together with her husband Alexander as the Camp Manager, creating a backbone and driving force for the unmatched hospitality, making us the strongest camp on Kola.


First Friends and Family season runs smoothly in both summer and autumn, yielding in experience and reassuring client feedback to our Fishing and Camp Teams. First guests become  returning supporters of the Kola Reserve’s new industry standard.


Olenka camp construction commences as it will become the northern hub in our reserve for 6 to 8 guests at once.

Stay tuned.

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If you have any questions please contact Anna via sales@kola-reserve.com or phone: +7 (495) 024-50-10